Welcome to the American All-Star Fifth Grade Team at Kraus Middle School. In an effort to communicate well with our All-Star families and to provide the support you may need for work completed at home, we have tried to attached helpful links.
*Planbook.com allows you to view a teacher's lesson plans.
*Khan Academy provides awesome instructional videos in all subjects!
*McGraw-Hill's "My Math" site supports our math program with activities and games.
*HAC allows you to view grades.
*Accelerated Math is supported by the Renaissance program.  Tests cannot be completed at home, but practices can be if you have Wi-Fi.
*We hope you are just a click away from finding the resources you need. Thanks for visiting our website and for supporting your child's success at school.
We are the American All-Stars.  All students taking a stand for :
Citizenship, and
We are the American All-Stars!